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​Rev. Kandace Krapu
Senior Minister

Growing up in Minneapolis, and upon completing her education at the University of Minnesota,  Kandace set out on her never ending quest for Spiritual meaning.


She landed on Sanibel Island, FL. where she enjoyed a thriving practice as a counselor/therapist, Reiki Master, and Hypnotherapist. She also owned and operated a Metaphysical Bookstore in Fort Myers, FL!


Kandace became aware of the clear and profound teachings of Religious Science, and more importantly, the ability to transform lives by utilizing its principles.


So committed to this Philosophy and way of life, Kandace picked up and moved to Los Angeles where she studied to become a licensed minister.


Upon graduating Ministerial School, she opened the Westside Church of Religious Science in Los Angeles., and remained there as Founding/Senior Minister until 2015 when she arrived in Mobile.

Here in Mobile, she led both of the Religious Science Centers, eventually merging them together into CSL Mobile.


Kandace remains committed to her passion of sharing this remarkable teaching with any and all on their Spiritual Path, and enlarging the footprint of Science of Mind in the city of Mobile.



Rev. Lyssa is a graduate of Holmes Institute.  She lives in Montgomery, Alabama serving as our staff  and outreach minister.  She has two grown sons, 4 grandchildren, and two dogs. Lyssa is the founder and Bloom Revolution

She discovered Ernest Holmes about 9 years ago when she read his book This Thing Called Life.   That is all it took for her to turn her life around. After that she never looked back. 

Taking over 8 years of study, she decided to dedicate her life to this philosophy which she lives every day. Learning how to positively create her life, she teaches what’s possible for all who want to listen. This is who she is and what she is passionate about today…the art of creating!  

Lyssa plans to share her enthusiasm to all who want to hear it. She plans to incorporate her love of creativity, fun, art, music, gardening, animals, sewing, cooking, and travel into her ministry.

Lyssa moderates Circles of Love every Wednesday at 10:00 am.


Check out her page on this website under "Circles" for more information. 

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