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  • Reverend Kandace

Affirmative Prayer for Current Times 2020


There is only one Power, one Presence, one Life Force, One Energy; it is the Wholeness underneath, and back of all there is. It is everywhere, in everything, expressing through all;

it is expressing through me and everyone at all times. There is no separation, no outside/inside, no out there/in here; it is One - Complete, and Whole, as is. 

Right now, I claim only Wholeness in every aspect of my life and the world. The appearance of illness or virus is the opportunity to restructure and restore life into balance. I know that any disruption in typical daily activities presents a renewed sense of connection, life, love, health, appreciation, and gratitude for all of the wonders of life that is available to me. 

I also know that health, Wholeness, and vitality is being expressed at all times. I demand that the fear and anxiety that exists right now is calmed, alleviated, and returns to the nothingness from which it came. 

I am a complete expression of the Divine, and as such, I am fully and completely supported in the realization of my Wholeness right here and right now.

With deep gratitude, I release this treatment to the Law, knowing it is done.

And so it is.

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