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Theologian Matthew Fox calls Ernest Holmes “a Creation Spirituality mystic.” He quotes Ernest Holmes on spirituality as follows: “Spirituality is a word too often misused. From our viewpoint spirituality is one’s recognition of the Universe as a living Presence of Good, Truth, Beauty, Peace, Power, and Love.” (p.33)

For Fox, Holmes’ understanding of the spirituality/cosmology connection is clear. This is because the universe itself plays a central role in Holmes' understanding of spirituality. This is, for Fox, creation centered spirituality. The key is we are living, not in a neutral universe, but one full of blessing, goodness, truth and more.

We may not think that theology is important, yet, whenever we think of the meaning of our lives, what is beyond this life, if anything, our death, and what is before it all, we are thinking theologically.

Holmes’ theology was mystical Christianity and there is fundamental agreement with mystics of all traditions about goodness, love, oneness and the Essence beyond words and descriptions that abounds infinitely in our cosmos. To see this is to have your life transformed in the highest expression of yourself.


May you be able to see the oneness of this life that is in essence and expression sacred and only requires we cleanse the doors of our perception to behold it.

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