• Reverend Kandace

Prayer from a Buddhist Monk...

This is a prayer that was written by a Buddhist Monk and gifted to a Episcopalian Priest, Father Leo Booth, while visiting Tienanmen Square. (I adapted it slightly to fit our spiritual community's beliefs.) It always brings me peace. I hope it brings you peace as well. I allow all things to be healthy. I allow all things to be peaceful. I count my blessings at least once each day. I forgive those who have hurt me and those who have offended me. And I forgive myself for what I have done and I let go of what I have failed to do. That which is done, there's no need to speak of. That which is past, there's no need to blame. I possess self-knowledge, self-respect, and the courage to dare. I am tranquil and the light of intelligence shines through me. I make the spot where I stand beautiful and beauty and harmony follow me, in all my days and through all my ways. Amen. And so it is.

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